1 – LEO™ does the things you wish your human-based sales team could do,  but can’t because of a lack of resources, time or technology. By combining technology, consumer psychology, and marketing science, LEO™ gives you more chances of making sales. Today, consumers are more resourceful than ever,  in large part due to the advances in technology that allow them to comparison shop. Many sales teams, particularly those operating in call centers,  are still working like it was the late 90s and expecting that slick scripts will close deals.

Consumers no longer are as easily influenced. They take more time to do their own research,  look for other solutions,  or just because they didn’t like the person on the phone. LEO™ recognizes that consumers need a personal touch and that they won’t buy on the first, second or even 7th. In fact, they probably won’t want to talk by phone. LEO™ stays in touch and never forgets to follow up next week or next month. It listens and learns. It seeks to create authentic engagement. Sales scripts repeating the same thing several times do not.

2 – LEO™ learns more about your prospect than your sales team can. It rescans your leads (present and past) and develops human-like conversations that ask questions and collect answers 24/7. Your sales team only has a limited number of brief attempts to connect with your leads. LEO™ makes your organization smarter so you have a greater chance of hitting the right ‘hot buttons’ that will motivate action.

LEO™ understands that today’s sales process should be adaptive. In other words, it’s not a locked down call center script. Today, effective sales are about building relationships, including getting to know each other. LEO™ provides useful information, asks questions and listens for responses. Combined with intelligent follow-up, this makes LEO™ very powerful in connecting with your audience. Unfortunately, sales teams tend to seek a very limited set of information that conforms to a set script. It’s the human limitation.

3 – LEO™ solves the problem of sales team delays. LEO eliminates the gaps in the time between when a prospect says, “I’m interested,” to the time your sales force gets around to attempting contact.

Sales teams typically have a set number of attempts to contact until they consider it UTC (unable to contact). Remember, people often don’t want to talk to sales reps because they don’t want to be sold! These delays in engagement are a real problem and cut deeply into the ROI for leads. The time between one attempt to contact and other are gaps where the prospect could be reached by a competitor because they’ve most likely reached out to several companies.

Other reasons for gaps are due to the schedule of calling by sales. LEO™ reduces the ‘gap problem’ by continually seeking engagement and providing relevant messages that have more depth than ‘buy buy buy’. LEO™ keeps the prospect’s mind more focused on your company because of continual contact and the delivery of useful information.