LEO (Lead Engine Optimization) resulted from years of experience in consumer marketing and client retention processes. We saw numerous failure points in the sales life-cycle where lead costs continued to rise and close rates declined. Much of the problem centered around gaps caused by human errors, such as the lack of adequate follow-up and poor lead-to-sales engagement. It became apparent that a more robust solution was needed. The ultimate system was to be a blend of technology, psychology, and marketing science. The goal was to achieve higher response rates and sustained connections between the lead and sales force. Ultimately the LEO system was born.

The principals of the company have deep and broad experience in business, technology, marketing and education solutions developed through over 90 years of collective knowledge in healthcare and financial services including consumer education, debt relief, and benefit systems.


Our Team

Joanne Garneau


Joanne Garneau is the Founder of the MBT Group, Inc., a leading technology development, and business optimization company offering a unique insight into the debt industry. She is the CEO of the Corporation’s latest offering – LEO™. Her business expertise and relationships bring tools, experts and technology to the small and midsize company that allows them to optimize their current business.

Considered by her peers as a thought leader in the debt industry, Joanne was the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nationwide Support Services, an industry leading financial services firm specializing in debt education, reduction, resolution, settlement and management for struggling consumers. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Nationwide serviced clients in most of the United States and employed over 250 workers. Aside from her professional pursuits Joanne is a committed consumer advocate, philanthropist and activist.

Joanne’s successful entrepreneurial career spans nearly five decades and multiple industries including the medical industry, the pharmaceutical technology industry, the debt industry and now the digital marketing sector with a special focus on the debt industry. Her expertise is derived from a 10-year corporate career as Regional Vice President of Sales for the largest pharmacy company in the U.S., PharmAssist, based in Dallas, TX. She pioneered the utilization of computer technology for pharmacy applications as early as 1976 and advocated for computerized prescription filling when many state pharmacy boards banned computerized prescription filling, believing that such technology would lead to consumer harm.

In 2002, Joanne entered into the debt industry seeing the opportunity to turn her passion for consumer advocacy into a profitable social enterprise. Her vision of the industry evolved, spawning multiple innovative consumer empowerment tools including the Financial Strength Builder™, The Financial Strengths Score™,  The Frugality Game™ -  an online “edutainment” platform teaching financial literacy to Americans using animation with creative training and tools. She also developed The GOOD Project™ (Get Out Of Debt), a financial wellness mentor and coaching program companies may offer as a benefit to their employees.

Joanne is also leader in financial literacy charities. In 2010, she founded the Frugality Nation Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to rebuilding financial strength in the American household by educating and empowering Americans with basic financial knowledge. She passionately believes empowering consumers by educating them is the best way to grow and sustain the US economy.

Larry Taylor Ph.D


Larry brings over 20 years’ experience in software engineering, digital marketing, and related market research in online human behavior. For many years he has studied the psychology of human interaction in online media and researched consumer behaviors in the digital world.

Larry is a marketing technologist and media psychologist with decades of experience spanning multiple industries. His background has emphasized the use of SAAS technologies to create digital marketing systems that operate based on psychology of consumer behavior. His industry expertise spans multiple industries including healthcare, medical devices, mortgage, debt management, and online education.

Larry has a Masters and PhD in Psychology where his research focused on how consumers move along the spectrum of trust in selecting a company for their needs. He believes the future success of companies will hinge on their ability to create new online marketing systems that assess and develop trust with their audience.

Larry's doctoral research focused on how we trust when in online settings (social platforms, email, web interactions, etc.). His digital trust model was designed to help companies understand the levels and varieties trust exhibited by their target audiences. The ultimate result for organizations was to help create greater engagement whether it be sales or general participation.

Larry has been a long-time marketing and technology consultant working with major corporations and small businesses. In his early career, he worked as a software developer and later as a technical project manager. Ultimately his passion became psychology where he honed his skills in digital behavior research and the persuasive influence of online media.


Hasnain Walji Ph.D


Hasnain Walji is a researcher, educator and writer, with a keen interest in connecting the dots between technology and human behavior. As a thought leader the hallmark of his leadership is to think out of the box so that businesses and non-profit organizations he is engaged with remain relevant and progressive as they confront new realities and challenges.

As an early adopter of information technology, from the early 70s years, he has developed a rare insight into the applications of technology in the field of consumer education. His research has focused on integrative health care, behavioral finance, and of late, on persuasive technology designed to change attitudes or behaviors of the users through encouragement and social influence. In common with is Co-directors, he believes that the health of the nation’s financial system depends on the ability of its people to effectively manage their own finances and as an educator Hasnain is committed to bringing about that transformation using the new and growing field of Financial Informatics now developed by LEO™ for its clients.

Highly skilled in communications and media usage, Hasnain’s work transcends beyond the use of technology to the use of innovative applications in integrative healthcare, capacity development and financial literacy. Currently, he serves as VP of Knowledge Management at TFG Inc – developer of ‘The Frugality Game” and the lead author of the Financial Strength Builder ™ Program – an acclaimed financial literacy training tool to help build financial strength in the American household by helping people resolve financial challenges and create plans that provide for increased savings, reduced debt and wiser daily spending choices. As a Lead researcher on the GOOD PROJECT™ (Get Out Of Debt) he has authored an industry white paper “Impact of Financial Literacy programs in the Workplace.”

Hasnain’s continued contributions from his active engagement on boards such as the The Frugality Nation Foundation, Interfaith Peace Ministry of Orange County, and The United Global Initiative, and his volunteer work with several United Nations member NGOs has taken him round the world, assisting in establishing schools and women empowerment projects such as his recent signature initiative called Code-Girls which provides tech education to underprivileged girls in developing countries to help them become entrepreneurs in the tech arena. All in all breadth of Hasnain’s socio-economic efforts in tackling causes of social and justice that confront our societies - all remain unparalleled.

Now in his golden years, his passion is in increasing interfaith understanding and engagement by celebrating the diversity of human community and to make this world a better place for his seven grandchildren spread across three continents.

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