LEO is a lead optimization engine that lets you get more business with your existing lead investment, so you can take your sales to another level.

Accelerating Leads For Success


By optimizing prospectcommunication, you get moreactive prospects and closed sales.


A MotivatedAudience

Energize and motivate youraudience to take action.

Engaging ContentMarketing

Speak directly with youraudience with useful andvaluable information that setsyou apart.


Our technology uses intelligentlistening to understand yourmarkets and prospects, so you canmake informed decisions based oninsights.


With an automation engine thatworks around the clock, you andyour audience always stayconnected.


LEO™ is ForwardThinking

We work at the intersection ofconsumer psychology, marketingscience, and technology.

Not your average system.

Not your average results.

LEO works within your existing systems and sales environment. We connect to your current CRM where processes called "triggers" will move an unclosed lead into LEO at any stage you choose. We then engage with those leads, building your reputation, and brand — increasing the chances that they come back to your sales team.
Find out how LEO™ can improve your sales and marketing processes.

We Leave No Lead Unturned

We take unproductive leads, move them throughLEO" and return interested leads back to you.

LEO" helps you turn your existing lead investment into more business with smart campaigns that build trust, address fears, and answer the right questions at the right time. We help prospects move forward and make sure they are aware of you, not your competitors. Build a better sales process and convert more leads with the perfect marketing partner.

Unproductive Lead

Produces Interested Lead

Our Process

01. Discovery

We establish a deep understanding of your company and sales process, so we can connect to your CRM for a seamless, automated process and deliver the right messages to the right customers.

02. Content Developmentand Design

We create clear, compelling messages that establish trust and boost contact rate. We then deliver them via e-books, blogs, videos, surveys, and more.

04. Review and QC

We review each campaign for accuracy, process testing, and quality control to make sure your company puts its best face forward.

03. Technology

We create landing pages, connectivity, mapping of each campaign, surveys, tracking, reporting and delivery of all information back to the sales floor and management.

05. Launch Campaign

We'll schedule a review, so your management and sales floor are awareof, and understand the activity and content.

06. Continuing Campaigns

We follow through with reengagement and communication until your leads decide to opt out.

07. Reporting

We hold monthly reporting and reviews with management to go over activity, results of calls, surveys, forms filled out and the total number of leads that reengage through our process.

What LEO Does for You

Meet Your Team

Technical Marketing Manager

The Technical Marketing Manager designs and manages themarketing communication engine that interacts with your prospectsand customers 24/7. We design a marketing intelligence brain thatlistens for prospect actions, responses, collects information andresponds to requests, so you can better nurture your leads.

Data Analyst

LEO collects quantitative and qualitative data about your campaignsso you can better understand and predict audience behavior. It givesyou the power to make informed decisions, and means that you'rebetter prepared to work with your prospects at the right time.

Conversion Optimization Specialist

The Conversion Optimization Specialist creates maps that optimize theflow of each prospect's journey, so that you're meeting your campaigngoals. We'll work with you to collect data and design paths of leastresistance so you can keep your prospects moving forward.

Account Architect

The Account Architect works closely with each client in order to understand current sales operations and fine tune the LEO plan to connect with their Systems. After launch, the Account Architect works to help clients understand results and optimize their activities based on the data LEO provides.


Content Developer

Our content developers provide the engagement fuel to attractinterest and retain connection with your audience. LEO's campaignscontain a wide range of content designed to inform, motivate, survey,nurture long-term, and sell. The content comes in many forms fromemails. texts, chat bots, landing pages, micro-sites, and e-papers.


Visual Designer

Appearance matters. That's why our designers create a look,feel, and flow of all material generated throughout campaigns(emails, pages, e-content, microsites, etc).



After a 1 hour Discovery session with your Account Manager LEO does all the work for you. We know you are busy running your business and provide the results without work on your end.

We write all the content for you. You do not have to do any of this work.

We create posting instructions from your CRM to LEO. It automatic and runs 24/7.

Interested leads will get back to your sales floor by phone call, form, appointment requested, text, chat or general request to call.

It takes 6 weeks to launch a campaign from the time of discovery session

Our standard package starts at $3500 set up fee and $4995 per month. To provide an accurate quote we first need to learn more about your business specifics. Please call us at 1-888-689-5117 to get a quote.

Yes, once a client discovers the benefits of more sales with LEO™, you will have options to add other technology features. Contact us for more information.

We require your Set Fee at the time of the agreement. The monthly fee starts 30 days after the implementation of the campaign and each month.

There is a 6 month agreement and a 30 day cancellation notice after that time.

Yes, custom work is by proposal and acceptance of proposal.

Yes, We have a monthly Owners Meeting to review reporting including feedback from your client surveys providing good business intelligence and recommendations based on results.