To a large extent, the business of making sales is one that is volume specific. The more sales you make, the more successful you are. But with limited time, staff and or resources, it is important that your business is intelligent about which prospects you spend time chasing down.

So while it is okay to have a long target prospect list, without prioritization, the value of that list erodes significantly.

This means, while you have a lot of prospects coming your way, it is important that instead of splitting resources between cold prospects and hot leads, you channel all that energy to people who you are sure would buy – this is called prospect prioritization.

Sadly, one of the most consistent and surprising gaps in marketing is prospect prioritization. Hence, it is not uncommon to find sales teams managing their prospect lists in a different way than what the data suggests.

Then again, this is not your sales team’s fault; to prioritize your prospects effectively, you must be able to study the client’s behavior and their business growth, measure market triggers and collect an array of data to be used to create a proper prospect prioritization analysis.

To do this, you either have to hire a huge team of marketing experts for thousands or even millions of dollars or have smart technology  do it for you,

LEO™ helps sort out the clients with the most interest via prospect prioritization. By powering up the prospects who say “I would like your products now” to your call center or with an urgent email or schedule request to contact them, LEO™ effectively filters off the “not so interested” prospects.

Because of LEO™’s continual communication with your prospects, its data collection and evaluation process helps create a filter for those clients who want help now vs. those who are not quite ready. This means that in a room full of prospects, some are going to raise their hands. When this happens, you’ll know and be able to put those at the top of the list. This makes your sales team process more efficient by allowing the team to call those people now!

With LEO™, you are able to harness the power of proper marketing technology to reach your target audience, connect with them and get them buying over and over again.

The LEO™ system continually studies consumer behavior and adapts to create that authentic connection that keeps clients loving your business.

LEO™ is a system designed to increase your sales probability immensely. By learning more about your prospects than any sales team can, LEO™ makes your business smarter, thus giving you a greater chance of hitting the right ‘hot buttons’ that motivates your leads to take action.

This means you are reaching out to the right people 24/7!

Don’t let the human limitations of your sales team stop you from making massive ROI!

Start turning more prospects into hot leads and more hot leads to returning customers today with LEO™.