Smart Stuff

Business Building Packages to Increase Profitability


Smart CoEngage Pro

This package can dramatically improve your lead contact rate. While your reps are trying to reach the lead by phone, LEO™ is co-engaging the lead through continued digital engagement behind the scenes, building trust and value for your company to set you apart from your competition.


Smart Chat Module (BOT)

Chat has quickly become an industry standard to make it easier to communicate with you. Blend the power of combined artificial and human intelligence to maximize your sales performance using live and automated chat. The features work as your smart sales assistant, working 24/7 to help you capture and qualify more leads.


Smart Text Module (AI)

Text (SMS) is becoming the go-to technique for communication today. Blend the power of artificial and human intelligence to maximize the effectiveness of SMS for your sales success. Like our chat feature, this capability acts as your smart sales assistant, working 24/7 to help you capture and qualify more leads.


Smart Voice Messaging

It’s crucial to construct your marketing strategy to provide more options to connect. As consumers become more reluctant to accept phone calls, LEO can broadcast a variety of customized messages directly to the prospect with options to transfer to sales or to set appointments. As the sales status of your prospect changes, so does the messaging.

Smart Packages


Smart Retention

LEO recognizes the need to preserve your marketing investment and keep clients active. Our client retention system will keep them fully engaged without any additional work on your part. This package reinforces their confidence that they made the right decision, dispels fears of creditor activity and credit concerns, and equips them with answers to objections that may come up down the road. This motivates and keep them focused on their end goal of getting out of debt. It is designed to target the two most vulnerable times in the program: enrollment to first draft, 1st draft to the first 120 days. Engagement with the client continues for the life of the program.


Smart Client Cancellation and Business Intel

This package will help you recover clients that cancel to save lost revenue. Leo will reach out to clients to discover the reason and capture valuable business intel that helps you respond to their concerns. The system then responds with custom messages based on the client’s response such as ‘we have a special return offer.’ The program will move on to provide other options, as well as stay in communication in the event they will need debt help in the future.


Sales Agent Effectiveness

This package is designed to elicit feedback from your prospects about their interaction with your agents through online surveys. This provides valuable information about how well your sales agents are communicating the value of the program as well as building trust. Utilizing this information in training sessions can be a valuable tool to increase agent effectiveness. We can optionally record and help you evaluate calls.


Strategic Playbooks

If you prefer to do the implementation, technology and management yourself, we offer strategy design and content development services. You’ll receive strategic advice, written plans, project ‘playbooks’ and targeted debt consumer content to use in your campaigns. As a result of our years of expertise in the debt industry, your marketing campaigns will be set up for success.

Upgrades and Custom Content Add on Features are by proposal and acceptance of proposal.

Sometimes you only want a single feature or a small project. We can provide a custom quote on items such as content writing for e-books, or a one-off email campaign. The content is designed visually and written by a professional, certified content copywriter. Other options can be podcasts, custom surveys, and advanced sales stage customization.

Additional Revenue Generators


Financial Strength Builder

An online financial education program designed and developed for the debt client to teach better financial skills, keeping them focused on saving and getting out of debt. This module differentiates you from other companies, builds strong relationships and trust that can increase the lifetime value of the client.


Financial Strength Builder Plus

At any time during your LEO services program, you can implement additional revenue opportunities and provide your client with money saving tools and services to add value. These include Health, Financial, Legal, Lifestyle and Credit Restoration that include DIY or full service.

Strategic Partnerships

The strong relationships we have built in the debt industry over the years has enabled us to develop one of the most comprehensive partnership networks in the industry, covering a wide range of products and service offerings. Some of our growing list of partners includes:


Max Decisions

If you need a compliant consumer loan program that will double the response rate of your direct mail campaigns while providing you the permissible purpose you need to access better consumer data, then our partners at Max Decisions stand ready to help. Contact us today for an introduction to this strategic


The Glasshouse Report

Provides software and support services to protect your company and employees from harassment, discrimination, wage and hour violations, and safety concerns. Employers love this program because it alerts management immediately of workplace issues, helps prevent employee lawsuits on Harassment, Discrimination, Violence ,

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Reliant Account Management (RAM)

This is a specialized, independent, third-party payment processor and trust accounting company. RAM provides a reliable bridge between companies for accurate and secure commercial transactions; and provides the highest standard of professional excellence for companies in the debt relief, student loan consolidation, legal, and medical industries.


Account Connect Limited (ACL)

ACL bridges the GAP between Debt Relief Companies, Creditors and Collection Professionals through our Advance Pay Funding Products, Operational Coaching and Consulting Programs and our Creditor Relations Advisory Services. We maximize growth and cash flow for Debt Relief Companies through our Advance Pay™ contract purchasing program

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